About Eternal Thunder

Mick Sleeper

Eternal Thunder is a labour of love by Mick Sleeper.

I honestly can't remember exactly when I first heard Lee Perry's music, but it didn't take long to recognize it as something special.

When I discovered that there wasn't a reliable web site about Lee Perry and his music, I created one in 1996, during the early days of the internet. It was long on enthusiasm and short on facts, but it was a start. A year later, the site got official approval from the Upsetter himself. Scratch had discovered the internet (or, as he calls it, the "winternet") and was very pleased about what I had created. Scratch also insisted that I change my name to Mick Waker! As my knowledge of both Lee Perry's music and web design got better, the site has been constantly improved and expanded over the years. These days, I only update Eternal Thunder when I feel like it, otherwise it would seem too much like work instead of a hobby.

Besides being a big fan of Lee Perry's music, I have also interviewed many of reggae's best singers and players, including Desmond Dekker, Alton Ellis, Mikey Dread, Willi Williams, and many others. When I'm not listening to reggae, I turn up my stereo for soul, Afrobeat, and garage rock from the 1960s. I was a DJ on community radio for more than 20 years and currently produce a podcast called Bass Culture.


Not An Official Web Site

This is not an official Lee Perry web site. However, this site has received Lee Perry's blessing, so you can consider this the "official unofficial" Lee Perry web site. Please do not contact me if you are trying to contact Lee Perry or his management. Instead, please try his Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Eternal Thunder?

Why is this website called Eternal Thunder? It was something that Scratch told me in an interview: he referred to himself as ET, and then said that it stood for "eternal thunder". I thought that would be a good name for the web site, which for the first year or two was called Soundzs From The Hotline. It also is a comment on how Lee Perry's music – his thunder – has been a perpetual source of fascination and influence over the decades.

Give Thanks

A million thanks and maximum respect to the following upsetters, who have provided music, information, inspiration, and good vibes over the years to make sure Eternal Thunder isn't an eternal blunder.

Steve Barrow
Bruno Blum
Jean Pierre Bucher
Wade Carson
Jeremy Collingwood
Warren Friedman
Doug Heselgrave
David Katz
Lord Nitrogen
Kelly Maurice
Robert Nelson
Jesse Nonneman
Penny Reel
Sergio Rotman
Chris Salewicz
Duane Sherwood
Gary Simons
Ron Stackman
Roger Steffens
Henk Targowski
Michael Turner
Doug Wendt
Ron Wittekoek
Melanie Zaitsoff

Upsetter Riddim Shower

The Eternal Thunder discography aims to be comprehensive, but is by no means exhaustive. Ron Wittekoek and Jeremy Collingwood, along with a dedicated bunch of Upsetter enthusiasts, have created the incredible Upsetter Riddim Shower, a detailed resource that should be considered the definitive Lee Perry discography.

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