Cloak And DaggerCloak And DaggerBlack Ark In Dub

LP: Black Ark Intertnational BALP 4000
CD: Culture Press CP 43309-2
CD: 17 North Parade VP 2703

Original Black Art International release:
01. Jah
02. Cool Rockers
03. Lion
04. Rasta Man
05. Camp
06. Ethiopia
07. How Deep
08. Loving
09. Money
10. In The Valley
11. Dread Locks
12. Guidance
13. Irie Irie
14. Grumbling

17 North Parade release:
01. Jah
02. Cool Rockers
03. Lion
04. Rasta Man
05. Camp
06. Loving
07. Money
08. In The Valley
09. Dreadlocks
10. Guidance
11. Ethiopia - Carol Cole
12. Give Praises - The Silvertones
13. How Deep Is Your Love - Inamans
14. Jah Love Is Sweeter - Lacksley Castell
15. Let Love Touch Us Now - Bunny Rugs
16. I Am I Said - Bunny Rugs
17. Got To Be Irie - The Originals
18. Double Wine - The Upsetters
19. Mumbling And Grumbling - Junior Byles


Black Ark In Dub has a checkered past, first surfacing in the UK in 1980 when both the Black Ark and Lee Perry's life were crumbling. The album contains tracks which are definitely Black Ark recordings, but lack Perry's signature mixing style and sometimes feature strange overdubs. In 2020, 17 North Parade re-released a definitive version of the set with an album of bonus tracks and insightful sleeve notes from David Katz that shed more light. Although some of the material is mysterious and half-baked, Black Ark In Dub provides an interesting snapshot of the last days of the Black Ark.

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