Heavy RainHeavy Rain - Lee Perry

CD: On U Sound ONUCD145
LP: On U Sound ONULP145
Produced by Adrian Sherwood & Lee Perry

01. Intro - Music Shall Echo
02. Here Come The Warm Dreads
03. Rattling Bones And Crowns
04. Mind Worker
05. Enlightened
06. Hooligan Hank
07. Crickets In Moonlight
08. Space Craft
09. Dreams Come True
10. Above And Beyond
11. Heavy Rainford
12. Outro - Wisdom

Heavy Rain is more than a dub companion to Rainford, it's an inspired re-imagining of the album with all singers and players adding to the mix. Featuring an all star On U Sound line up including Skip McDonald, Doug Wimbish, Brian Eno, and Style Scott, Heavy Rain is dynamite from start to finish.

See also Rainford.

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