RainfordRainford - Lee Perry

CD: On U Sound ONUCD144
LP: On U Sound ONULP144
Produced by Adrian Sherwood & Lee Perry

01. Cricket On The Moon
02. Run Evil Spirit
03. Let It Rain
04. House Of Angels
05. Makumba Rock
06. African Starship
07. Kill Them Dreams Money Worshippers
08. Children Of The Light
09. Autobiography Of The Upsetter

Lee Perry's collaborations with Adrian Sherwood are always something special, and Rainford is no exception. The material ranges from ambient moments to sampled echoes of the Black Ark to horn sections in outer space, all underscored by Adrian Sherwood's deep and heavy production style. Scratch reins in his stream of consciousness vocals and sounds focused yet mischevious throughout, especially on the epic closing track, "Autobiography Of The Upsetter". While not reaching the heights of other Perry - Sherwood albums, Rainford is definitely the best work Scratch has done in years.

See also Heavy Rain.

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