Bogus Lee Perry releases

This is...upsetting! Over the years, many crummy collections of Lee Perry's music have been released by a variety of dubious record labels. These bogus releases range from low quality collections of actual Perry productions to music that has absolutely nothing to do with Scratch. Thankfully, over the years most of these titles have faded from sight, but many are still available. Needless to say, don't buy them.

BogusAugustus Pablo Meets Lee Perry At The Black Ark
CD: Rhino UK

This is definitely the most outrageous and bogus Lee Perry collection. It features none other than Bunny Lee talking jive over a weird selection of Pablo tracks and instrumentals.

BogusAugustus Pablo Meets Lee Perry & The Wailers Band: Rare Dubs 1970-1971
CD: Jamaican Recordings

Jamaican Recordings are well known for presenting modern remixes of older material as "rare" or "lost". Here we have someone (not Pablo) playing melodica over some Wailers rhythm tracks. Enjoyable, but fake.

CD: Hudson Vandam

A lame collection of late 60s and early 70s Scratch productions. While this does contain actual Lee Perry music, the dubious nature of the Hudson Vandam label makes this one to avoid.

BogusBlack Ark
CD: NYC Music

A goofy collection of music that recycles tracks found on other bogus Lee Perry collections. Don't bother.

BogusBlack Ark Almighty Dub
CD: Starlight

Three or four actual Perry dubs + a bunch of mediocre beatbox filler = Black Ark Almighty Dub Chapter 3.

BogusBlack Ark In Dub
CD: Lagoon

This collection is about 50% Black Ark dubs, 50% bogus. Dubious titles cast doubt on their validity: "Rasta Man" is a butchered version of "Open The Gate", "Loving" is a dub of George Faith's "Guide Line" with weirdo effects thrown in.

BogusBlood Vapour
CD: LA Records

Unbelievable that this bogus collection has been around for so long. Mostly King Tubby dubs with silly new titles.

BogusBunny Lee & The Aggrovators Aggrovate Lee Perry & The Upsetters
CD: Rhino UK

More like Rhino & The Weakhearts Annoy Lee Perry & His Fans.

BogusBunny Lee Meets Lee Perry In London Town
CD: Cactus

This bogus set does contain some Perry dubs, but with stupid new titles. Nice Photoshopped sweater on Scratch.

BogusDefinitive Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Digital: Carter Lane

And now we have to deal with bogus digital collections? Hardly definitive: mainly bootlegged tracks from Return of the Super Ape that you can find elsewhere.

BogusDub Challenge
CD: Creole

I challenge you to find the actual Perry productions on this bogus collection.

BogusDub Net Philosophy
CD: Photophon

A few legitimate Perry dubs with a bunch of filler. More or less a different version of Black Ark Almighty Dub Chapter 3.

BogusDub The Old Fashioned Way
CD: Rhino UK

As Ken Boothe says, "not in that old fashioned way"!

BogusDub Treasures From The Black Ark
CD: Jamaican Recordings

More like Dubious Treasures: very few of the tracks here are actually from the Black Ark, they are not rare, and they have all been remixed in a clumsy effort to sound like Lee Perry dubs.

BogusEarthman Skanking
CD: Orange Street

Like other Orange Street Scratch releases, this at least contains some of Scratch's work, but with changed titles and further weird remixing.

BogusEnter The Dragon
CD: Brook

Enter The Bullshit: this is a motley mix of Silvertones tracks, dumb remixes and some completely bogus material.

BogusEssence of Dub
Digital: License Music

Wow, this one has it all: dubious Black Ark tracks, Niney productions, and songs that have nothing to do with Scratch.

BogusEssential Lee Perry
CD: Creole

Well, if by "essential" they mean "has absolutely nothing to do with Lee Perry", then yes, this is essential Lee Perry!

BogusEternal Dubs
CD: Abraham

More like Eternal Flubs. Anything on the Abraham label is to be avoided.

BogusFlames Of The Dragon
CD: Delta

A few actual Perry productions, but mostly bogus. Those Delta guys are a menace (see The Godfather, Legendary Lee Perry, Music For Ever below).

BogusGlory Dub
CD: Lagoon

No glory here: yet another recycling of the tracks found on Black Ark Almighty Dub Chapter 3.

BogusGold Collection
CD: Master Classics

A weird release consisting of Return Of The Super Ape plus six Wailers tracks. More like an Aluminum Collection.

BogusGreatest Hits
Digital: Unequal Halves

For some reason, there have been several bogus collections in recent years that are mostly Return Of The Super Ape bootlegs; this is one of them.

BogusGuitar Boogie Dub
CD: Rhino UK

This is a bootleg of a Carl Harvey album called Ecstacy Of Mankind. Kind of cool, but it's not Upsetting.

BogusThe Godfather
CD: Delta

If Lee Perry was the Godfather, the guy who came up with this would wake up next to a horse's head. Not a single note of Lee Perry music.

BogusHeavy Manners
CD: Rhino UK

Heavy manners and rod of correction for Rhino who have stolen tracks from Cloak and Dagger and elsewhere for this dubious release.

BogusHold Of Death
CD: Rhino UK

The hold of death should be put on whoever came up with this one.

BogusIntroducing Lee Perry
CD: Blue Moon

Introducing a crummy bootleg of Scratch's Lord God Muzick album with new titles and a re-arranged track listing.

BogusKing Of Dub
CD: Hit Squad

88% bogus and 12% Lee Perry. Not a good ratio. And what is with that cover?

BogusLee Perry Meets Mad Professor
CD: Orange Street

Most likely none of this involves either Lee Perry or Mad Professor.

BogusLee Perry And The Upsetter Meet Scientist At Black Ark Studio
CD: Hit Squad

A really lousy collection of unknown dubs with ridiculous titles. Also, Lee Perry IS The Upsetter, you dummies.

BogusLee Perry Meets Mafia & Fluxy In Jamaica
CD: Lagoon

In fact, Lee Perry has never met Mafia and Fluxy. I mean, maybe at a party, but not in a recording studio.

BogusLee Perry Meets Scientist At Blackheart Studio
CD: Rhino UK

Where? The Black Heart studio? Oh yes, across the street from the Black Ark. I'm sure people got it confused all the time.

BogusLee Scratch Perry And King Tubby In Dub Confrontation
CD: Culture Press

Too bad this is bogus, since the title is so cool.

BogusLee Scratch Perry And The Upsetters Meet At King Tubby's
CD: Rhino UK

Mostly King Tubby and Prince Jammy dubs with goofy new titles.

BogusLee Scratch Perry Meets The Mad Professor In Dub
CD: Culture Press

I'm thinking that if Lee Perry and Mad Professor meet the head of Culture Press, it wouldn't be go well for that guy.

BogusLee Perry Presents Gregory Isaacs
CD: Rhino UK

A dubious collection of mistitled Gregory songs, only a few of which were recorded at the Black Ark by Pete Weston. Look for the original Extra Classic album instead of wasting your time with this one.

BogusLegendary Lee Perry
Digital: Delta

Nice pencil sketch of Scratch for the cover. So maybe download that instead of this mostly bogus collection. Delta are the worst.

CD: X-Ploit Records

Ha! The name of the label says it all. Lick not this Lickshot!

BogusMad Alien Dub
CD: Great American Music

A very weird collection of actual Lee Perry dubs with strange remixing and tepid new beatbox tracks.

BogusMusic For Ever
CD: Delta

The album I love to hate! Not only does this crummy CD contain zero Lee Perry music, but has content stolen from this website. 1000% bogus.

BogusNatty Roots Dub Mix
Digital: Record Town

A dubious mix: a few Perry dubs alongside King Tubby mixes of Bunny Lee productions.

BogusPresenting Dub
CD: Rhino UK

More like Presenting Nonsense.

BogusPsyche And Trim
CD: Hallmark

Another Return Of The Super Ape bootleg with a motley mix of other Perry productions.

BogusThe Quest
CD: Abraham

Most of these tracks are actual Perry productions, but many are mislabelled and duplicated. All of these songs are available on more bonafide collections, so don't waste your time with this one (or with anything on the Abraham label).

Digital: Delta

Very creative title on this one. As with all other Delta releases, totally useless.

BogusReggae Best
CD: Culture Press

This is, in fact, Reggae Worst. Half Scratch, half bogus.

BogusReggae Remembers
Digital: Unequal Halves

Remember not to download this half-assed collection of Return of the Super Ape tracks.

BogusReggae Remembers
Digital: Unequal Halves

And don't forget to avoid this one, too.

BogusReggae Emperor
CD: Rhino UK

Another crummy bootleg of Lord God Muzick. Niney must be vex!

BogusReminiah Dub
CD: Original Music

Other than containing a weak cover of Max Romeo's "War In A Babylon", this has nothing to do with Lee Perry or Sly and Robbie.

BogusRoots And Society
CD: Culture Press

This contains mostly tracks from King Tubby Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub, an obscure 1974 collection of King Tubby and Lee Perry dubs. Culture Press = Vulture Press.

BogusRoots Of Dub
CD: Mastersong

Yet another bogus collection that mainly features tracks from Return Of The Super Ape and some other Perry productions.

BogusScratch Walking
CD: Synergie

Seriously, what is with all of these Return Of The Super Ape rip offs?

BogusSounds From the Black Ark
Digital: Perfect Cadence

A terrible collection of actual Lee Perry productions with bogus new titles and some unrelated material thrown in for bad measure.

BogusSpace Dub
CD: Delta

The worst of the worst! A 3-CD set consisting of other shitty Delta releases. 10000% bogus.

BogusTell Me Something Good
Digital: OVC Media

Tell me you're not going to waste your time downloading yet another Return Of The Super Ape bootleg.

BogusVersus I Roy: Sensemilla Showdown
CD: Varese

These are all King Tubby dubs of Bunny Lee productions with dubious new titles. This cheap collection might have been worthwhile for some hard to find I Roy tunes, but many of them have been slowed down for some bizarre reason.

BogusA Serious Dub
CD: Delta

As with Delta's other Lee Perry releases, A Serious Dub should not be taken seriously at all.

BogusSkanking With The Upsetter: Rare Dubs 1971-1974
CD: Jamaican Music

Skanking with the Upsetter, indeed. These are remixed Perry rhythm tracks masquerading as long lost dubs. See this article for complete details on the trickery.

BogusSolid Ground - Mikey Brooks & The Upsetters
CD: Tabou 1

This album should really be called Sinking Sand. The story goes that Mikey Brooks approached Tabou 1 with a set of "long lost" recordings from 1976. They were, in fact, a set of crudely edited Black Ark rhythms with new vocals by Brooks.

BogusStay Red
CD: Allegro

This 14-track collection has been around in one form or another for many years. While most of these tunes are actual Perry productions, it's dubious curation puts it in the bogus category.

BogusThe Upsetter Meets The Upsettress
CD: Rhino UK

What. The. Hell.

BogusThe Upsetter And The Student
CD: Rhino UK

Rhino UK get an F for this one. Class dismissed!

BogusZion Funky Rock
Digital: Jaxx Records

Can't get to Zion by releasing bootlegged I Roy tracks and crediting Lee Perry.