Black Art Black ArkBlack Art From the Black Ark

CD Pressure Sounds PSCD108
LP Pressure Sounds PSLP108

01. Roots Train (Dub Plate Mix) - Junior Murvin
02. Woman Gotta Have Love (Dub Plate Mix) - Jimmy Riley
03. Set Up Yourself - The Upsetters
04. Brotherly Love - Henrick Nicholson & The Jolly Brothers
05. Let's Fall In Love - Junior Murvin
06. Say A Little Prayer (12" Mix) - Eric Donaldson
07. I Never Had It So Good - Jimmy Riley
08. Mr. Craven - Junior Murvin
09. Such Is Life (12" Mix) - Lord Creator
10. Such Is Life Version - The Upsetters
11. Nuh Fi Run It Down - Danny Clarke
12. Nuh Fi Run It Down Version - The Upsetters
13. What A Sin (Extended Mix) - Lee Perry
14. Ska Baby - Bobby Ellis
15. Ska Version - The Upsetters
16. Beard Man Shuffle - The Upsetters
17. Oh Me Oh My - Bree Daniels
18. Oh Me Oh Dub - The Upsetters

Black Art From the Black Ark is an excellent set, featuring a mix of well-known gems and rare material. In particular, the collection contains tracks from Junior Murvin's stillborn second album with Lee Perry, including "Mister Craven" and the playful "Let's Fall In Love". Stand out tracks include Henrick Nicholson and the Jolly Brothers' wonderful "Brotherly Love" and the moody "Nuh Fi Run It Down" – finally credited correctly to Danny Clarke instead of Scratch! Besides the great music, the insightful sleeve notes feature stalwart bass man Boris Gardiner recalling his days at the Black Ark as well as Scratch providing some lucid insights into his production methods.

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