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By Special Request
June 18, 2014

Not For Sale - Ken Boothe
Vanity - Sugar Minott
The Prophet - Frankie Paul
Walls Of Jericho - Addis Pablo
Pleasures Of The Dance - Mad Professor
Man In The Moon - Lee Perry & The Orb
333 - Prince Jazzbo
We Will Destroy Your Planet - Jahtari Riddim Force
Children Of Jah - Midnite
Many Have Fallen - Mikey General
Confusion On The Land - Cornell Campbell
Lively Up Dub - Wailers
Cold Sweat - The Upsetters

A strictly crucial mix, selected by Bass Culture fans! Reggae fans from around the world let me know what they would like to hear, and the result is a top ranking playlist.

This will be the last Bass Culture podcast for a couple of months. Summer doesn't last long in my corner of the world, so I plan on spending more time in the sun. Watch for a new mix in September.

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Bass Culture Podcast

May 19, 2014

Money Money - Horace Andy
This World - Leroy Sibbles
Who Do You Think I Am - Milton Henry
Studio Man - The Love Joys
Addis Ababa Dub - Wackies Rhythm Force
March Down Babylon - Chosen Brothers
Wicked Ago Feel It - Sugar Minott
Always Dubbing - Wackies Rhythm Force
Travelling Man - Junior Delahaye
Live And Love - Wayne Jarrett
Home To Africa - Joe Auxumite
Dis Generation - Max Romeo
Satan Dub - Lee Perry

The Bullwackie sound – deep, dread, hypnotic – has captivated reggae fans around the world. Wicked a go feel it when Bullwackie is at the controls!
"Solid, Mick!"
Posted by: Ron
"Great set. A big treat to learn about Bullwackie and The Love Joys."
Posted by: Richard
"Thanks for posting this. Your history lessons are always much appreciated."
Posted by: John
"Superb. I look forward to hearing this Mick."
Posted by: Andrew
Bass Culture Podcast

Noise Polluters
April 30, 2014

B Line Fe Blow - Smith & Mighty with Niji 40
Noise Polluters - 2 Bad Card
Jah Red Gold And Green - Disrupt
We Love Reggae - Noiseshaper
What Kind Of World - Ghetto Priest
What Time Is Dub - Dub Colossus
Unite - Negro & DJ Humble I
King A Come - I and I Djangdan
Praise - Paul St. Hilaire
Speak Of The Devil - John Brown's Body
Creation - Dan I
Step It Up - Don Letts Dub Cartel

Some well dread and heavy like lead selections. Modern, dubwise sounds lead the way and remind us that reggae doesn't exclusively belong to Jamaica anymore.
"Nice selection, and I am already waiting for the next session."
Posted by: Ron
"Thanks for the Jahtari tune. Everything else sounds great, too!"
Posted by: Keith
"Only Mick Sleeper would put Korean dub into the mix! Cool selections, selecter."
Posted by: Yardie
Bass Culture Podcast

The Clash
April 6, 2014

White Man In Hammersmith Palais (Alternate Version)
Pressure Drop
Rudie Can't Fail
Revolution Rock
Bankrobber / Rockers Galore (Custom Discomix)
Radio One (with Mikey Dread)
One More Time (Custom Discomix)
Armagideon Time (Custom Discomix)
Kingston Advice
Red Angel Dragnet (with Ranking Roger)
Kill Time (AKA Idle In Kangaroo Court)
Ghetto Dub
Wrong 'Em Boyo

As a teenager, I didn't like reggae, but I felt like The Clash had translated it into something I could understand. A rocking selection of some of the band's hardest reggae tunes, rare demo versions, obscure B-sides, and custom disco mixes.
"Great ! I always loved the Clash and their reggae (and other) covers."
Posted by: Slengteng Flo Pal
"NICE! The Bankrobber/Rockers Galore disco mix was sorely needed!"
Posted by: John
"Hey, this is great! Thanks for sharing it with us."
Posted by: Flex
"Wow, I love the unreleased material! Great job with this playlist."
Posted by: Richard
Bass Culture Podcast

Unite The World
March 15, 2014

Positive Vibration - Bob Marley
Africa - Light Of Saba
Irie Africa - Chief Checker
Stop That Train - Meters
Meaning Of Life - Leroy Smart
Got To Get Away - Mighty Diamonds
Inner City Blues - Chi Lites
Choice Of Colour - Leroy Sibbles
Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite the World) - The Temptations
Breakthough - The Funkees
Equal Rights - Dennis Brown
Happiness - Black Uhuru
Ghetto Funk - Boris Gardiner Happening

We think of different nations and different genres when it comes to music, but really, those boundaries and borders don't mean much when you play something on your stereo. A crucial set of music with a message from the three funky corners of Jamaica, the USA, and Nigeria.
"Reggae, Afrobeat, and Funk together in fine style. Great selections, Mick!"
Posted by: Jeroen
"Very cool mix. I agree that music has no borders!"
Posted by: Keith
"Excellent choices in this episode. Love the Meters tune."
Posted by: Chris


Bass Culture: Reggae and beyond. Tune into deep, dubwise vibes from all over the map. Classic roots reggae, super bad soul and funk, crucial Afrobeat – the musical compass points in many directions. Mick Sleeper has a big record collection, and he wants to share it with you. As Nietzsche once said, "Without music, life is an error."



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