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Radio Scratch is/was Eternal Thunder's podcast. Hosted by Mick Sleeper, these 60 minute programs concentrate on a certain era or theme in Lee Perry's music. Featuring rare music, commentary, and special guest selecters, Radio Scratch is a must for any serious Lee Perry fan. Although no new episodes are currently being produced, the complete archive from 2006 - 2009 is here to explore.

The Last Days Of The Black Ark (July 2007)

1978 was a crucial year in Lee Perry's career, and not in a good way: it was really the beginning of the end. However, even with all of the pressure, Scratch still produced some dynamite music during the last days of the Black Ark.


The Last Days Of The Black Ark
Full Experience - Full Experience
Think So (AKA Much Smarter) - The Meditations
Economic Crisis - Jack Lord & The Disciples
Sweat Suit - Sonny & Debby
Muta Ya Motema - Kalo Kawongolo & Seke Molenga
Who Colt The Game - Bob Marley
Evil Tongues - Lee Perry
Jah Jah Ah Natty Dread - Lee Perry
Weakheart A Go Feel It - Shaumark & Robinson
Facts Of Life - Peter Lewis
Cross Over - Junior Murvin
Brother Noah - The Shadows
Garden Of Life - Leroy Sibbles
Return Of The Super Ape - The Upsetters

Chapter Two of Barkology (June 2007)

Mick Sleeper digs deep into his collection and rounds up more stray dogs from the Black Ark and beyond. Featuring dynamite tunes from The Stingers, Max Romeo, Leo Graham, and more.


Chapter Two of Barkology
I Keep On Loving You - Susan Cadogan
Uptown Babies Don't Cry - Max Romeo
Philistines On The Land - Junior Murvin
There's A Train - George Faith
Such Is Life - Lord Creator
Preacher Man - The Stingers
Double Attack - Leo Graham
Kung Fu Part One - Jah Martin
Keep On Skanking - The Wailers
Domino Game - The Upsetters
Time - The Gladiators
Dub In Time - The Upsetters
Perception - Divine Brothers
Labbrish - Scratch & Striker

Scratch Re-Scratched (May 2007)

This time on Radio Scratch, something different and something special. A reworking of some Lee Perry productions, from remixes to mash ups to some guy with his computer on a rainy afternoon. Featuring Bill Laswell, Apollo 440, Bebop Cortez, Sista J, The Midnight Dread, Knut Posse, Dub Colossus, Wayne & Wax, Spring Heel Jack and Mick Sleeper.


Scratch Re-Scratched
Informer Men - Mick Sleeper
Vibrate On - Bebop Cortez
Bushweed Come Around - Knut Posse
Lotsa Locks - The Midnight Dread
Bird In Hand - Wayne & Wax
Fisherman - Dub Colossus
Rally Dub - Apollo 440
Drum Rock - Bill Laswell
Lee Perry (Part One) - Spring Heel Jack
Zion's Blood - Mick Sleeper (featuring Sista J)

Chapter And Version (April 2007)

An upsetting selection of vocal tracks and their dub or DJ versions. Featuring seldom heard tracks from Dillinger, Mikey Dread, Sons Of Garvey and more.


Chapter And Version
You Can Run - The Hurricanes
Mid East Rock - Dillinger
Babylon Deh Pon Fire - Truth Fact & Correct
Lizard Stick - The Upsetters
Joy Of The Earth - Sons Of Garvey
Portland Rock - DJ OG
Sufferer's Time - The Heptones
Serious Time - Joe Banna
Mr. Cop - Gregory Isaacs
Mr. Dub - Upsetters
Elaine - Mystic I
School Girl - Mikey Dread
White Belly Rat - Lee Perry
White Belly Rat - Jah Lloyd
Tighten Up - The Inspirations
Cane River Rock - The Upsetters

Black Ark For Hire (March 2007)

When the Black Ark opened in 1973, it soon became a magnet for some of the best singers and players in Jamaica. Before long, other producers started to record at the Black Ark, attracted to the one-of-a-kind sound Scratch was getting in his concrete kingdom. A selection of Black Ark tunes with someone else in the producer's chair.


Black Ark For Hire
Run Come Rally - Vivian Jackson & The Prophets
Revolution - The Heptones
Freedom - The Interns
You Are The Fool - Ronnie Davis
Baby It's You - Rupie Edwards
Black Is Our Colour - Wayne Wade
Back Out Weak Heart - Leroy Smart
Tribal War - Little Roy
Fire At Your Heel - Roman Stewart
Lorna Banana - Junior Byles
Girl You Got To Run - Linval Thompson
Stand And Look - Dad Brown & The Fantails
So Many Times - The Majesterians
What's Yours - Knowledge

X-Ray Music (February 2007)

Lee Perry was one of the pioneers of dub, along with King Tubby and Herman Chin Loy. At one point in his career, Lee Perry described dub as "x-ray music" – and so this is a selection of Scratch's x-ray music from the Black Ark and beyond.


X-Ray Music
10 Cent Skank - The Upsetters
Living My Life - Keith Rowe
Living Dub - The Upsetters
Cut Throat - The Upsetters
Silent Satta - The Upsetters
Woman's Dub - The Upsetters
Rude Walking - The Upsetters
Happy Dub - The Upsetters
Bo Yarken Dub - The Upsetters
Land Of Dub - The Upsetters
Noah Dub - The Upsetters
Solja Man Dub - The Upsetters
Dub Fe Ya Rights - The Upsetters
Nyambie Dub - The Upsetters

Heavy Roots (January 2007)

During the heyday of roots reggae, many of the heaviest and dreadest tunes were coming from the Black Ark. Weakhearts must back wey when faced with these heavy tunes!


Heavy Roots
Captive - Lee Perry
Give Thanks - Delroy Denton
Down Here In Babylon - Brent Dowe
Warning To The Nation - Tony Fearon
African Style - The Black Notes
African Style Version - The Upsetters
Going Home - Time Unlimited
Wisdom - Jah Lion
Open The Gate - Watty Burnett
Forward With Jah Orthodox - Mystic I
Hear River Jordan Roll - Ras Michael
Children Crying - The Congos
Unity - Horace Martin
Zion's Blood - The Upsetters

The Doctor Is In (December 2006)

Between 1968 and 1970, Lee Perry and friends cut some of the tightest and grooviest reggae ever recorded. While there were a few experimental tunes and some heavy roots numbers in this period, for the most part it was straight up, 100% dynamite reggae. Mick Sleeper selects some of the scorchers.


The Doctor Is In
Night Doctor - Ansel Collins
Hey Mama - Lee Perry
Freedom Train - Ernest Wilson
I'll Be Waiting - The Termites
Come Into My Parlour - The Bleechers
Prisoner Of Love (Original Version) - Dave Barker
What Is This - The Reggae Boys
Power Cut - Glen Adams
Give Love A Try - Pat Kelly
Games People Play - The Upsetters
Beware Of The Vampire - Denzil Laing
Dry Acid - Count Sticky
Kiddy O - The Silvertones
Mad House - Lee Perry
Who To Tell - Bruce Bennett
Leaving On A Jet Plane - David Isaacs
Caught You Red Handed - The West Indians
If You Don't Mind - The Gaylads

Smokey Room Selection (November 2006)

Ron (AKA Smokey Room) digs deep into his record box and pulls out ultra-rare Black Ark selections for this edition of Radio Scratch. These are some of the best Lee Perry productions you've never heard!


Smokey Room Selection
Nowhere To Hide - The Hawks
Train A Blow - Flower & Pratt
Don't Be Afraid - The Black Hunters
Down Ina Babylon - Frederick Thomas
Celestial Vision - Augustus Pablo
Running From Jamaica - The Meditations
Me Nah Run - The Customs Officers
Standing On The Hill - Chenley Duffus
Rain A Fall - The Tribulations
Rastaman Shuffle - The Upsetters
Feeling Happy Dub - The Upsetters
Trinity Of Life - Twin Roots
Love Hits/Manchoneal Jail House Wall - High Priest
Walk The Streets - Rajah Ruffin
Walk The Streets Version - The Upsetters
Live The Life - Count Sticky

Disco Devils (October 2006)

From Mick Sleeper's secret laboratory comes a selection of custom made discomixes. Featuring some Disco Corks, Disco Bums, and Disco Spanners that you've never heard before!


Disco Devils
A Place Called Africa - Junior Byles & Dr. Alimantado
History - Carlton Jackson
Better Future - Errol Walker
Police And Thieves - Junior Murvin
Guide Line - George Faith
Brotherly Love - The Jolly Brothers
Peace And Love - Shaumark & Robinson
Party Time - The Heptones

Barkology (September 2006)

Mick Sleeper digs deep into his collection and rounds up some stray dogs from the Black Ark: seldom heard scorchers, deadly dubs, dynamite DJ shots, and even some custom discomixes. Download dis ya one – it's upsetting!


Redder Than Red - Linval Thompson
Yagga Yagga - Lee & Jimmy
Hypocrites - Jimmy & Glen
Oppression - Delroy Butler
Lizard Tongue Rock - I Roy
Cheating - Earl Sixteen
Cheating Version - The Upsetters
Mother Long Tongue - The Morwells
Oh Black People - Rupie Edwards
Sipple Out Deh - Max Romeo
Stop The War Ina Babylon - James Booms
Revelation Dub - The Upsetters
Crying Wolf - Kiddus I
Babylon Falling (Custom Discomix) - The Heptones
Judgement Day (Custom Discomix) - Clive Hylton
Praises To Jah - The Roots

After The Ark (August 2006)

For many Lee Perry fans, the music he has made since the Black Ark fell apart in the 1970s has been – shall we say – esoteric. Some reggae snobs have completely dismissed it, while some fans really like it. In the words of the man himself, you need "special ears" to hear this music. Radio Scratch presents some of the best of Scratch's solo efforts since the early 1980s.


After The Ark
Holy Moses - Lee Perry & The Majestics
Babylon Cookie Jar A Crumble - Lee Perry
Daniel - Lee Perry
I Am A Madman - Lee Perry
Secret Laboratory - Lee Perry
You Thought I Was Dead - Lee Perry
Kiss The Champion - Lee Perry
Free Us - Lee Perry
I Shot The Sheriff (Live) - Lee Perry
Heads Of Government (Live) - Lee Perry & Mad Professor
25 Years Ago - Lee Perry
From Heaven Above - Lee Perry
Africa Place - Lee Perry
Rastafari - Lee Perry & The White Belly Rats
Train To Doomsville - Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate

For A Few Upsetters More (July 2006)

Between 1968 and 1970, The Upsetters cut a series of breakneck instrumentals inspired by spaghetti westerns, horror movies, and whatever weirdness Scratch could think of. These wigged out numbers represent reggae at its wildest. Mick Sleeper has been a fan of these instrumentals for a long time, so Radio Scratch presents many minutes of Upsetters madness.


For A Few Upsetters More
For A Few Dollars More - The Upsetters
Return Of Django - The Upsetters
Clint Eastwood - The Upsetters
Eastwood Rides Again - The Upsetters
Dollar In The Teeth - The Upsetters
Death Rides A Horse - The Hippy Boys
Sipreano - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Fresh Up - The Upsetters
Django Shoots First - The Upsetters
Vengeance - The Hippy Boys
Trying To Upset The Upsetter - The Upsetters
Tight Spot - Dave Barker & The Upsetters
Touch Of Fire - The Upsetters
Enter The Dragon - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Flames Of The Dragon - The Upsetters
Fist Of Fury - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Black Belt Jones - The Upsetters
Man From MI5 - The Upsetters

The Midnight Dread Presents (June 2006)

In the 1970s, American DJ Doug Wendt (AKA The Midnight Dread) was an early champion of the Upsetter sound. From his secret laboratory in Montana, Doug gives us an hour of strictly crucial Scratch selections and commentary.


The Midnight Dread Presents
Tribal War Dub - King Tubby
Bosrah - Prince Alla
Sinner Man - I Kong
Greedy Man - The Cimarons
You Can Run - Junior Ross
Sorrows - The Heptones & Ranking King
Start Over - The Gatherers
Look Around - The Roots
Three Pan One A Murder - Rupie Edwards
Disco Fits - Candy McKenzie
Soul Fire - Lee Perry
Arise America - Lion Zion

The Neat Little Man (May 2006)

Long before Lee Perry was the Upsetter, he was The Neat Little Man or "King" Perry. During the ska and rocksteady era, young Scratch cut many scorchers and yet other than Heartbeat's Chicken Scratch collection, there has never been a compilation of Perry's earliest tunes. Radio Scratch digs deep and uncovers a selection ska and rocksteady gems.


The Neat Little Man
You Were Meant For Me - Lee Perry
Prince In The Back - Lee Perry
Royalty (AKA Me Sir) - Lee Perry
Old For New - Lee Perry
Chicken Scratch - Lee Perry
Help The Weak - Lee Perry
Mother In Law - Lee Perry
By Saint Peter - Lee Perry
Deacon Johnson - King Scratch & The Dynamites
Run Rudies Run - Lee Perry
Pussy Galore - Lee Perry & The Wailers
Do The Push Push - Lee Perry
What A Good Wood Man - Lee Perry
Judge Dread - Prince Buster
Set Them Free - Lee Perry & The Sensations
Johnny Cool - Prince Buster & Lee Perry
Kimble - Lee Perry
I Am The Upsetter - Lee Perry
Dr. Upsetter - Dennis Alcapone
Upsetter Version - Amalgamated All Stars

Happy Birthday Upsetter (March 2006)

Radio Scratch kicks off with a 70th birthday tribute to the mighty Upsetter: an eclectic range of artists doing covers of some of Scratch's best known productions. Featuring music from The Clash, The Specials, The Fall, Luciano, Asian Dub Foundation, and more. Happy birthday Upsetter!


Happy Birthday Upsetter
Why Are People Grudgeful? - The Fall
Police And Thieves - The Clash
I Am A Madman - The Specials
Duppy Conqueror - The Selecter
Vampire - Sinead O'Connor
Return Of Django - Asian Dub Foundation
Curly Locks - Baby Fox
Play On Mr. Music - The Mad Lighters
Lee Perry - Dubchek
Police And Thieves - Luciano
Fisherman - Heaven Bound
Soul Fire - Tom Tom Club
I Am The Fire - Mick Sleeper

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