"I am the first scientist to mix the reggae and find out what the reggae really is."
"If you look into the alphabet from A to Z, you will see L is for Lee, L is for light, and L is for love, and L is for the Lord. S is for the sky, and S is for shit, and for ships. P is for power and the pyramids. And I am the pyramid and the power."
"When I left school there was nothing to do except field work. Hard, hard labour. I didn't fancy that. So I started playing dominoes. Through dominoes I learned to read the minds of others. This has proved eternally useful to me."
"It was only four tracks on the machine, but I was picking up 20 from the extra terrestrial squad."
"Reggae music finish and diminish. Reggae music is a curse. It breed death and hatch cancer, and I Lee 'Scratch' Perry say reggae music is no good. It creates violence, and encourage sin deep from within. It is the evilest music that ever come on the face of the planet Earth."
"I discovered that teachers could teach me nothing. I refused to waste my time listening. I go to trees and flowers in the jungle and have them show I what I should know, learn what I should learn."
"When I shit my enemies cry, when I speak they die."
"Look, I'm surrounded by people with wasted brain. And when I send out my beam, my scannin' beam, and go into their wasted brain and see no part of the wasted brain that I require, I'm bored! But when I scan the brain and see brain that are not wasted, brain that can be put to work or put to use to bring forward a creation, I would be really interested in it."
"I, Pipecock Jackson, Jack Lightning, Jesse The Hammer, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Daniel Dandelion the Lion, the ghost of King Arthur, put a curse on BBC radio and television, and BBC government, that they can never undo until they start playing Mr. Perry records morning, noon, and night, and around the clock."
"I am an island on the island of the gods, Jamaica, head of the globe."
"I am an alien from the other world, from outer space, I don't have no land, no estate, no property, no house. Not on this earth. I live in space – I'm only a visitor here. Some people are only here to collect property. I am here with my suitcase to collect only the good brains."
"When you're playing music, you're touching the heart and the brain. But the people can't move until you touch their spirit. So you have to touch their hearts, their brains, and then their soul is tickled and they fly."
"Some people don't believe in the Bible, but I believe in it 'cause I live in the Bible."
"This is my brand new song: lightning and thunder, hailstone, brimstone and fire, music, hurricane and tidal wave judgement. Mixed by earthquake, produced by flood."
"People out there need the good music to heal them, to heal their brains. I am not here to make music just for money. No way."
"I ran away from Jamaica to save my ears."
"The studio must be like a living thing. The machine must be live and intelligent. Then I put my mind into the machine by sending it through the controls and the knobs. Think of music as life. When I am making music I think of life, creating life, and I want it to live, I want it to feel good and taste good."
"I am the supreme creator, saying to the people love and truth, it's the key to eternity, so I am asking the people of the Universe to stop stealing, stop telling lies, stop being hypocrites, stop being parasites. That's a special message – and a warning."
"My music is not ska, it's not rocksteady. My music is a spiritual force from the Holy Trinity."
"When people get Lee 'Scratch' Perry records, they are getting education from the past, education from the present, and education from the future."
"You have to look to see if what you are doing on earth is the right thing or the wrong thing."
"Without music you are all dead; with music you are alive. There is nothing music can't do."